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Dr. Thomas's reflections on the holistic meaning of the Corona Virus Pandemia:

  • Earth as our giant natural home organism shows us urgently and ongoing a global irritation while humans are just a part of it, but one of the most important reasons for it
  • Earth and nature can exist without any problems devoid of humans, but not contrariwise
  • Infectious deseases on humans are first of all also - individual and collective - an dysfunction of the cohabitation between microorganisms and human beings
  • Within and around all living creatures on earth there are microorganisms; there is no alternative on a healthy co-existence between it and human beings (inside and outside), because - f.e. to have a proper digestion - humans can simply not live without them
  • The anti-biotic medicine should be converted more and more into a pro-biotic one - f.e. by incorporating the findings of the applied research on the microbiome - and for the sake of finding a sustainable approach versus antibiotic resistance
  • In a holistic understanding vaccinations are only punctually efficient, helpful, superficial, symptomatical treatments and are no alternative to the reconciliation and reintegration of human beings on the entirety of the organism earth

Dr. Thomas Rüedi

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