Holistic Integrative Dentistry/Naturopathic Medicine/Treaments of Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) 

Dr.med.dent. Thomas Rüedi

Master of Dental Sience at the University of Basel, Switzerland, 1987
Doctoral Dissertation on Homeopathy at the University of Basel, Prof.med. U.A. Meyer, Dr.med. Martin Furlenmeier, 1988
Training and Certification in Holistic Dentistry by the Swiss Society of Holistic Dentistry (www.sgzm.ch) since 2001
Membership at SSO (Swiss Dental Association) and IAOMT (Interational Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, www.iaomt.com)
Holistic Dental Office since 1990 - www.drthomasrueedi.ch 

My skills and expertise:

  • more then 30 years of professional experience
  • dental office and business since 1990
  • certified holistic dentist SGZM (Swiss society of holistic dentistry ) since 2001
  • holistic check-ups and (long-term) treatments
  • very experienced bioelectric and bioenergetic testing
  • holistic treatments with different herbal products, micronutrients, neurotherapy, oxygen-ozone-therapy, homeopathic remedies
  • ex-board member in several holistic societies  
  • speaker and author of numerous publications
  • expert as holistic dentist on Swiss television
  • book author - "Zähne ganzheitlich behandeln" (To treat teeth holistically)
  • adapted treatments on highly sensitive person (HSP) being myself a HSP

Counceling on holistic, dental, naturopathic, highly sensitive issues

Counceling online on basic holistic backgrounds and questions regarding:

  • Dental Focus, Periodontitis, Root-canals, Amalgam, Dental Materials, Implants, Dental Treatments, Holistic Treatments and Methods ...
  • What to focus on by doing or receiving a dental treament on highly sensitive person (HSP)
  • Live Basic Bioenergetic - Diagnostic Testing
  • 1-hour online sessions by Skype
  • Recent panoramic x-ray - requested and to be sent before the session

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