Thomas Rüedi - Holistic Men's work - Coaching

Men's group leader
Men's Seminar Leader
Men's Trainer & Coach - also for highly sensitive men (HSM)
Skype Life Coaching
Author of Book in German Language including the issue of high sensitivity (HSM)

Courageous - Powerful - Upright - Sensitive - Self-loving - Self-caring

Free Men's Coaching

Get to know me - 30 minutes free !

What does it mean to be an authentic man of today ? 

Are you proud and lucky to be a man ?

Are you walking upright and relaxed with your eyes open among others ?

Are you a highly sensitive man ?

Are you ready to walk across the fire for yourself, for your life and your visions ....?

To become a powerful, sensitive and mature man signifies leaving your inner and outer comfort zone ... !

Online Coaching with Dr. Thomas

Video-Audio-Poetry of Thomas on the "The taste of my father's skin"

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All video, music and poetry by Thomas Rüedi