Nature - Spiritual - Art 

These are my favorite hobbies at the moment:

Picturing wild nature as photo or video, creating some "audio-video-poetry", making mainly improvised music and to meditate and contemplate ...

These productionsof what moves my heart and the nature of my being       I would like to offer to you,  the visitors to my homepage ! 

... and as a Buddhist I would like to share this with everybody,
may it help to bring peace and happiness all over the universe ...

Nature pictures and videos

I like to go into the wild nature of the Alps and mindfully watch, listen, taste and smell nature. With my photo camera I try to catch some of these precious moments ...

Video-Audio-Poetry / Art

Combining videos, sounds, music and poetry into one piece is one way to express what touches and moves me in my life ...

Music - Soundtravelling

I am very lucky to do music from my early boyhood on, was trained and trained myself to play several music instruments including overtone chanting.

Spiritual          4-Step-Meditation

As a late teenager I started to be curious and hungry for the spiritual. I had many teachers and I feel rooted into the Buddhist tradition of Dzogchen.